DALLAS Every day after work for the last 12 years, a Dallas man has headed to White Rock Lake for dinner.

But, he doesn't eat. Instead, he feeds all his friends and makes sure they're tucked in for the night.

Charles Fussell works as a plumber by day and friend to waterfowl by night.

'Then I noticed that they actually recognized me when I come back,' he said.

White Rock Lake is filled with wildlife, and Fussell can identify them for you. He brings a bucket of a mixture of chopped corn and grass seeds and warns lakegoers that bread isn't actually good for the waterfowl.

'It's kind of like having children or pets that you don't bring home with you,' he said. 'Sometimes I worry about their fate our here.'

While migrating birds come and go, some don't leave, including some waterfowl dropped off and abandoned.

Seven weeks ago, two geese were left at the lake. Fussell said they appeared lost and confused.

'[It was] almost like they were waiting for whoever dropped them off to come back and get them,' he said.

But, they never did. So, once again, Fussell used his time to adapt them to living at the lake.

'It's a way of giving back,' he said of his reason behind returning each night.

However, there's one goose who just visits the lake and then returns home. Much like the others, 'Goosey' appeared out of nowhere at the lake.

'He wouldn't make it through the night, definitely,' Fussell said. 'He would have fallen prey to a coyote or a bobcat.'

When he gets home from work, Fussell said he's now greeted by an excited Goosey.

'He knows the routine now,' he said. 'He'll get right in his crate.'

And then they head to the lake. It's something that doesn't go unnoticed by the public.

'I've come out here with my grandkids for years and enjoy the birds,' said one visitor at the lake. 'And I've heard of this man coming out here and donating his time and his efforts ... I just appreciate him so much.'

He pays for all the food by himself, but now you can help. The community has come together to raise money to help continue Fussell's efforts. You can donate to the White Rock Lake waterfowl here.


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