LANCASTER The plots may be small, but the harvest is bountiful at the community garden in Lancaster.

Started by the All in the Body of Christ Church, the garden aims to help combat obesity. Obesity rates are higher in Lancaster than state averages.

'Having a fresh garden to teach them how to eat healthy and how to cook healthy,' explained founder Doniele Wilson, 'That was the concept.'

Anyone who pitches in can reap the fruits of their labor. A portion of the produce is also donated to a nearby food bank, to help those who otherwise might not be able to afford or choose to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

The garden is located, not coincidentally, behind Crescent Medical Center at 2600 West Pleasant Run Road, which treats the life-threatening consequences of obesity daily.

'Our EMS staff has a high rate of calls for strokes and heart attacks,' said Lancaster assistant city manager Rona Stringfellow, 'And so this was important to us from a partnership perspective about educating our community about eating healthy about gardening.'

The City of Lancaster is hoping more people will get involved, so the garden and the community health benefits from it will grow.


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