ALLEN In letters released by Allen ISD on Tuesday, an attorney for Pogue Construction estimates the cost of repairs to Allen's Eagle Stadium between $600,000 and $1 million.

The 18,000-seat edifice gained such notoriety that it helped draw families to the Collin County suburb.

'That's one of the reasons why I moved to Allen,' said Alycia Thompson. 'Because I heard they have a great school district, and the new stadium was a new hype.'

But it is a building now so flawed, the district must turn its students away.

'Yeah it was a sock in the gut for all of us,' said Allen ISD Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt. 'Our senior football players, our 800-member band, drill team, cheerleaders, soccer... you name it, they won't be in that facility next year, and that's a huge disappointment.'

Through property taxes, the families of those students paid $60 million to build what PBK Architects drew up.

On Tuesday night, the firm released a statement saying: 'We continue to work closely with the Allen ISD to reopen Eagle Stadium as soon as possible. In the coming weeks, findings will be presented and a repair solution jointly determined with the District.'

PBK and Pogue Construction both worked on the building, and will have to fix incorrectly poured concrete, cracks throughout the concourse, and slabs that weren't built to sufficiently support the weight of the stadium.

That money will come from both companies' insurance, and they pledge to make it right. The community has paid enough.

Pouge Construction also built Rockwall ISD's stadium. The district says it recently reviewed the building and it is structurally sound.

The company is currently working on a stadium in the Garland ISD. A district spokesman said they are now keeping an even closer eye on that project.


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