DALLAS Dallas police said Saturday they may have found the body of their former assistant chief, Greg Holliday.

Holliday hasn't been seen in six days. The department issued a 'critical missing' alert on Sunday after family and friends expressed concern for his welfare.

'[We've] located the body of a man fitting the description of Greg Holliday,' said police Chief David Brown, who said the remains were found along a creek near Preston Trail Golf Club on Saturday morning.

The pants, shirt, skin color and age all suggest it is Holliday's body.

'Having spoken with the wife this morning,it's very tragic,' Brown said.

The search for the former police department executive was narrowed down with the help of boats and sonar. Dallas police had enlisted the help of game wardens at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

'Soon after they began to search, they discovered the body using the sonar on the boat going down the creek,' Brown said.

News 8 spoke with one of Holiday's old friends, former assistant chief Ron Waldrop. He was heartbroken even as he waited for final confirmation his friend had been found.

'He was a very highly principled person. He had a passion for DPD, and not just DPD he had a passion for Dallas,' Waldrop said.

A lot of what happened remains unclear. Holliday was said to be depressed and grieving over the anniversary of his daughter's death. News 8 also learned that Holliday was weaning himself off anti-depressants, inner battles that even a good friend didn't know about.

'He was a fairly private person,' Waldrop said. 'He didn't talk a lot about that part of his life.'

Friends and family desperate to hear any news about their loved one will have to wait a little longer to hear from the medical examiner's office for positive identification.

It is also unclear how Holliday died, but Chief Brown did say the body was found submerged in the creek with a high slope suggesting possible 'slippage.' Brown said that theory is bolstered by the torrential rains that swept through that part of the city in the days prior to to Holliday's disappearance.


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