DALLAS One Dallas high school basketball star is dead. One week ago, another DISD player was arrested for his murder.

It's a double tragedy that now has a new twist: Two DISD head basketball coaches have been placed on administrative leave while district investigators explore what role if any those coaches played.

Late last week, DISD investigators walked out of Madison High School loaded with computers confiscated from the office of head basketball coach Roderick Johnson. News 8 has learned that computers were also seized from Wilmer Hutchins High School head basketball coach John Burley.

Sources tell News 8 both coaches have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into their roles in the double tragedy that has hit their teams and their schools.

The investigation stems back to the night of March 23. Rival basketball players Troy Causey of Wilmer Hutchins and Johnathan Turner of Madison High School got in a fight in front of the home where they were both living in South Dallas.

Causey died from his injuries and Turner has been charged with his murder. Turner says it was an accident.

But what was no accident, according to Causey's mother, is both her son and Turner had been recruited by their respective coaches each of whom knew they were roommates in a house apart from their families, in violation of state athletic rules.

'Coach Burley knew he lived in a different house than he had claimed,' Simpson said. 'He knew that Troy was living in a house with Johnathan Turner in violation of state rules. Coach Burley also tried to recruit Johnathan Turner to come play at Wilmer Hutchins and it was this close from being done.'

It's against state athletic rules to recruit students to schools for athletic purposes. It's also against the rules to let students attend schools outside their home school attendance boundaries.

DISD officials will not confirm the two head coaches are on leave. The district will also not comment on the substance of their investigation.

Meanwhile, Dallas police are still investigating Causey's death as the mystery continues to unfold.


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