DENTON It was the storm that never came. But it's the break that Denton a city still bruised from last week's rough weather needed.

'Since yesterday, everyone was talking about the storm that's coming this evening,' said Simon Shellis, a roofing contractor.

All was clear when the sun went down, and then the clouds arrived looking as intimidating as the last time, but minus the punch.

Larry West's car took a beating in last week's storm. It's a total loss.

'People are still fresh from the first experience and not wanting to go through that again,' he said.

We came across one auto repair shop that put tarps over cars parked outside, anticipating the worst.

Around Denton, many homes and businesses are still sporting Band-Aid fixes to roof and skylight damage that hasn't yet been repaired. One roofing contractor told News 8 most of the work on these homes should start Monday.


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