KILLEEN The gun used in a shooting that left three dead and 16 injured Wednesday at Fort Hood was purchased at the same store Maj. Nidal Hasan bought a weapon used in a deadly attack at the same base in 2009, according to ABC News sources.

Greg Ebert, an employee at Guns Galore in Killeen, stopped short of confirming the news. According to Ebert, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives visited the store Wednesday night. The employee said agents informed him the gun used in Wednesday's attack was purchased at a local firearm store.

Ebert declined to comment further and referred more questions to the ATF. The employee wouldn't say if Ivan Lopez, the suspect in the shooting that left three dead and 16 injured, bought a gun at Guns Galore or whether agents seized records from the shop. Officials said Lopez was found dead at the scene from a self-inflicted wound.

'We do what we can to assist federal authorities when they make an inquiry,' he said.

Ebert said the store received hate mail following the Hasan incident.

'Anything that we had available has been given to them,' he said.

Lopez, 34, was an Iraq war veteran who battled mental health issues, according to military officials. The soldier wasn't diagnosed with post traumatic stress order, but Fort Hood's senior officer, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, said the gunman had sought help for depression, anxiety and other problems, and was taking medication.

Army Secretary John McHugh said the soldier saw no combat during a four-month deployment to Iraq as a truck driver from August to December 2011. A review of his service record showed no Purple Heart, which indicates he never was wounded.

Ebert said he believes that the military should have asked the FBI to flag Lopez's records so that it would have prevented him from buying a gun.

'The FBI is going to see that flag and say, 'no gun for you,'' he said. 'If there's anything in a person's history to indicate potential violence, there should be a restriction put in place.'

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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