DALLAS A Dallas police sergeant has been put on administrative leave for his handling of a 911 call from the grandmother of a missing pregnant woman who was later found murdered, News 8 has learned.

Sgt. Kevin Mansell was placed on administrative leave last week after commanders found out that he didn't send police officers in response to the grandmother's call. Sources say commanders were also upset that Mansell made a comment to the 911 call taker on a recorded line in which he appeared to downplay the situation.

Police announced last week that an internal investigation had been launched and released an extensive time line of events connected to the case of D'Lisa Kelley, 25. Police officials didn't mention that Mansell had been put on leave.

Family members and friends believe that a faster police response to the report of Kelley's disappearance could have made a life-and-death difference.

Dominique Alexander, Kelley's friend and classmate, says her grandmother is devastated by her death.

'Every day she cries saying, 'If they would have just came out on Friday, if they would have just came out on the day we told them, my baby would still be here,''' Alexander said. 'And she cries that over and over and over again.'

Kelley, who has a 2-year-old son, disappeared on March 7. She was last seen by her grandmother leaving her family's home about 4:30 p.m. to go her best friend's wake.

A short time later, her sister received an unintentional phone call from Kelley and the sister could hear a disturbance with an unidentified man in the background. The sister also received a text from Kelley's phone indicating that she would call, but she never did.

About 8:40 p.m. that night, Kelley's grandmother called 911, according to a time line of events that police released Friday. Sources say the grandmother told the call taker about the frantic call that Kelley had made to her sister and that she was afraid something had happened to her. The grandmother sounds distraught and hysterical and begs for help on the call.

Unsure of what to do, the call taker notified Mansell about the circumstances of the call. The call taker then called Kelley's grandmother back and asked for Kelley's number so that police can contact her cell phone company to try to find her location.

The sergeant gave the information to the cell phone company requesting a phone location data, but police sources say he did not order that police officers be dispatched to the grandmother's house to make a report.

The following day, Kelley's sister called 911 and police officers were dispatched to take a 'want to locate' report. The case was assigned to a detective on the afternoon of Sunday, March 9. An endangered persons bulletin was issued that evening.

On Monday, March 10, police issued a press release asking for the public's help. A press conference was held the next day. Kelley's body was discovered in an abandoned house on March 14. She had been beaten and strangled.

No arrests have been made in Kelley's killing.

Mansell joined the force in 1990. He was promoted to the rank on 2012.

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