DALLAS -- Regina Casillas said there is one thing she will never forget about the man who robbed her -- his eyes.

'That's what I remember, his big, white eyes,' Casillas said.

She said she saw them in a News 8 video shot during the arrest of Charles Hunt in Oak Cliff Thursday night.

'It's him. I know it's him,' she said. 'I know it's him.'

Casillas was robbed at knife point two weeks ago. Police have not linked Hunt to her case, but called her Friday morning about his arrest.

Court documents show Hunt and his girlfriend, Santana Andrews, confessed to two other driveway robberies; one in Oak Cliff Thursday night on Montclair that lead to their capture, and another across town on Skillman on Tuesday.

Court documents show in that case, Hunt had a knife, Andrews had a gun, and they robbed a woman and her 5-year-old son.

Andrews 'admit[ted] she grabbed the 5-year-old after he started screaming and hit complainant over her head with a pistol,' documents say.

Police said they not only confessed, but sources tell News 8 the suspects videotaped themselves and took pictures during the crimes.

What really disturbs Casillas is that fact the Hunt is a convicted sex offender and robber. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1991 for a sex assault and four robberies.

But after only spending 11 years in prison, he was released.

The Board of Pardon and Paroles released the following statement: 'In response to your inquiry Charles Hunt was released on 2/22/2011 after having completed an 18 month treatment program.'

The board did not answer our questions about what type of treatment program would allow a violent habitual offender back on the streets.

'That is scary,' Casillas said. 'He should not have been out. He should not have been out.'

But he was out, and now Dallas robbery investigators are trying to determine if Hunt and Andrews robbed at least 24 people, including Casillas, since January.


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