RENO A petition calling for the dis-annexation of part of the small Parker County City of Reno is under consideration by the City Council.

Petition organizers collected more than 100 signatures, twice the number needed to in theory put the issue on a ballot.

'It really bottoms down to taxes, and what you get for your money,' said Art Johnson, who organized the drive.

Johnson said he has long been upset with taxes and what he views as inadequate services in the town of 2,400.

He said it wasn't hard to find others living in this area, off Truman Circle in the western part of town, who feel the same.

'A lot of people that didn't get one [a petition] called and wanted one,' Johnson said.

A separate petition asking for the dis-annexation of a slice of the eastern part of town is also gaining signatures. It should be turned in next week, according to that organizer, Condie Prioleau.

'I've never had [city] water; they've been promising it for years,' said Prioleau, who is tired of living off a water well on her property. 'It's just time to try something.'

Her petition, which needs 50 signatures to be considered, has 46 right now. She says most are registered voters, which is important.

'It could pass,' she says.

Typically, city elections in Reno draw 250 to 300 voters.

Both Johnson and Prioleau say when you factor in all of their signatures, gaining a simple majortiy of votes doesn't sound so far-fetched.

Mayor Lynda Stokes said she couldn't discuss the proposal in detial until next week's Council meeting. She did say any such move could have a great impact on 24/7 police and fire service.

It could also strike a blow to the city's tax base, although it was unclear just what that dollar figure would be.

The City Council will evaluate the petitions and decide whether to put the issue up for a vote.

Johnson said he would consider legal action if the Council decides not to let the voters decide.

A Council decision is expected in the next couple of months.


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