DALLAS Suspected serial rapist Jesus Madrid-Dubon used a condom in two of the three attacks that have been linked to him since August, according to police records obtained by News 8.

The victim in each of three assaults told police that they believed he had recorded them, records state.

Police have called Madrid-Dubon a 'predator' and believe there may be as many as 10 other potential victims who were found on video files on an Apple iPod seized from a Dallas home, where Madrid-Dubon sometimes stayed. Those videotapes depicted him 'engaged in sexual acts' and 'holding a pink Taser or a large butcher knife,' documents state.

Madrid-Dubon, 27, is currently being held in the Dallas County Jail on two counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping. The charges are in connection with the sexual assaults that occurred in August, January, and February. The native of Hondorus is currently in lieu of $300,000 in bonds, as well as an immigration hold.

The victims in the August and February attacks have both picked Madrid-Dubon out of a lineup. Police have said he was driving a white Kia Sportage in the attacks. The car belonged to his mother.

The court records provide new details about the Aug. 19 attack.

The woman was in contact with Madrid-Dubon through a social messaging application called KIK Messenger from January 2013 through August 2013.

'The suspect and Complainant exchanged messages regarding meeting in person in exchange for sex and money,' the records state.

She told police that he picked her up at her home in a white SUV -- the same vehicle that police have described as being used in other attacks. Authorities have said the vehicle belonged to his mother.

The victim told investigators that she asked him to come into her apartment but that he said no. He then drove her to a secluded area of Sovereign Row in Northwest Dallas. He parked in an area near railroads tracks and got into the back seat. She said he put her in a headlock, put a large kitchen knife to her neck and stated, ''Don't do nothing stupid that you will regret.''

'The Complainant stated she started to cry and believed she was going to die,' the records state. 'The suspect told the Complainant 'Stop. Stop. I won't hurt you if you do what I tell you to do.''

She told detectives that he then forced her to perform oral sex on him for several minutes before retrieving a condom from the center console. She said he then tried to make her put it on him.

'Since the complainant whose hands were shaking, was unable to place the condom on the suspect's penis, the suspect threw the first condom out the window and told the complainant to retrieve another condom,' the records state. 'The complainant again attempted to place the condom on the suspect but was unsuccessful.'

She said he put it on himself before raping her at least twice. The victim told police that she saw a flash from a cell phone he was holding and believed that he had recorded the attack.

'The suspect stated to the complainant, 'You look scared at the beginning then you looked like you liked it,'' and the complainant replied, 'What was I supposed to do, 'You had a knife to my neck.'''

The victim told police that he told her that 'the only reason why he used the knife was because he didn't think the complainant would let him record her,' the records state. He then drove her home.

When she was initially interviewed by detectives, the woman provided police a photo of the suspect that she had taken and his cell phone number, leaving authorities to identify Madrid-Dubon, according to the records.

The victim in the January attack also told police that she met Madrid-Dubon through KIK and said that he picked her up at her Grand Prairie home. She told police that he drove her to a location and raped her while displaying a 'pink Taser.' She told police that he appeared to be videotaping the attack.

She also said that at point, he received a phone call and that she believed he may have sent the recording to someone else. She told investigators that she jumped from the moving SUV to escape her attacker.

In the Feb. 4 attack, a 16-year-old told police that she was abducted from a DART bus stop at the corner of Sylvan Avenuye and Singleton Boulevard. She said he pointed a black gun at her and said, ''Get in the car or I'll shoot you.' He then drove her the same area of Sovereign Row where he had taken the victim in the August attack, records show.

She said he ordered her to take off her clothes and appeared to begin to video tape her as he began to rape her, records state.

'Do what I say and you don't die,' she said he told her. She said he made her perform oral sex on him. He then put a condom on himself and raped her.

The victim told police that her attacker had her put her clothes back on, ordered her to get out of his vehicle and drove off.

Police believe he may also have met some of his victims through a social messaging site called MocoSpace.

Police are continuing to try to identify those other potential victims on the videotapes and have asked for the public's help. Authorities have set up a special tip line at 214-790-1359.


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