FRISCO Nearly 150 people quietly paid their respects Wednesday evening at a vigil for 10-year-old Arnav Dhawan in front of his Frisco home.

Teddy bears, Hot Wheels cars, pictures of Arnav were set up on the front lawn.

Attendees included his extended family, including Arnav's father, Sumeet, and his mother, Pallavi.

Pallavi Dhawan is accused of killing her son.

'He was like any other 10-year-old boy. Forget his ailments and everything; other than that, he was a boy... a little kid,' Pallavi Dhawan said.

The family maintains that Arnav died of natural causes.

Sumeet Dhawan said his wife a former NASA computer programmer put Arnav's body on ice in a bathtub to await his return from an out-of-town business trip so he could deliver last rites.

Police discovered the child's corpse on January 29.

Sumeet and the family's lawyer, David Finn, met with Frisco police detectives earlier on Wednesday. Finn said it was a conversation that became very heated after he fought for the release of affidavits and any medical records.

'I don't need to wait; I shouldn't have to wait,' Finn said. 'I want those records now.'

Strengthened by the community support on display Wednesday evening, Sumeet Dhawan said he will continue to fight for his wife.

Pallavi Dhawan said she has spent no time for herself, only grieving the child they lost. She said she hasn't given much thought to the sobering accusations against her.

'When you lose a child, you lose a child. You really don't have time for these things,' she said.


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