ROWLETT Late last month, the Dallas City Council put aside cash to clean up Dallas waterways. But residents who live near Lake Ray Hubbard say they will believe it when they see it.

Council members signed off on $3.2 million contract to a private contractor to remove scrap, trash and debris from the Trinity River and Lake Ray Hubbard.

'I feel [the City of Dallas] has the manpower; they have the equipment to do it with; it always filters down to the bottom line, that being the dollar,' said Noel Wardrope, a long-time lakeside resident.

Wardrope said in the 22 years he has lived along the lake, he and his neighbors have waged a constant fight to keep the shoreline clean, spending thousands of dollars out of pocket to attack the problem.

The city has taken taken steps to clean up the area in the past, but residents say the problem keeps coming back.

'They come at it and they get part of it cleaned up, but we never get it all taken care of,' Wardrope said.


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