IRVING The question of whether Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be able to play on Sunday night against the Eagles remains a mystery. When the Cowboys took the field for their second day of preparations Thursday for the weekend game, Romo was not with the team.

'It's really the same answer as yesterday and continuing to go through the process and just see how he feels everyday waking up, evaluate him, treat him and see how he responds to it as much as anything else,' said head coach Jason Garrett. 'We'll continue to evaluate him in a lot of different ways but more than anything else, just treat him and see how he feels.'

Romo has logged the experience and the reps throughout the season and, because of that, it will allow the Cowboys to be able to make a decision much closer to game time than with any other quarterback on the roster.

The big question is how much pain he is in and how much pain he'll be able to handle, Garrett said.

'I think pain is probably the biggest issue and how that relates to how he can function,' Garrett said. 'There are a lot of different levels to that too, walking around, moving around and all that. You wake up in the morning and you evaluate it. Backs tend to impact you're whole body and how you function in your day to day live. Hopefully he'll respond to some of the treatment and feel better as the week goes on.'

Garrett wouldn't say if the team could wait as late as Friday before making a final decision.

'Certainly, you want him to practice,' Garrett said. 'We don't anticipate him practicing today. We'll see how he does the rest of the day and how he wakes up tomorrow and go from there. You certainly want him to practice during the week. Tony has obviously played a lot of football for us so we'll give him more leeway than most.'


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