DALLAS -- They were cold and wet, but they wouldn't leave their places in line at Fair Park early Saturday morning.

Hundreds of anxious parents and grandparents waited outside the gates to get into the Automobile Building for the 15th annual S.M. Wright Christmas in the Park event.

Meanwhile, dozens of volunteers were working to assemble an array of shiny new bicycles and other toys that might be rivaled only by Santa's workshop.

Those who pre-registered were able to go in and pick out free toys for the children in their lives. If it wasn't for the foundation, many of their children wouldn't have much of a holiday.

'I'm looking for work, and right now I don't have any work,' said one woman who was in the queue. 'With that being said, I have to do something to get the kids some toys.'

There were some problems overnight. First, a little girl wandered away from the adults she was with. She was found, but not without causing some worry.

Later, an elderly woman was taken to the hospital when she reported some chest pain. She had tried to ignore the distress because she wanted to get gifts for her grandchildren.

Her condition was not available.

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