DALLAS Highland Park High School athletic director Johnny Ringo found out Monday that the Scots are moving to a new classification next season because enrollment numbers at the school are seven over the limit of 2,099.

'Seven over, that's exactly right,' Ringo said. 'Seven over, but it is what it is.'

The Scots will actually jump from a 4A to the new classification of 6A in 2014. That's because 5A teams will be moving up to 6A.

'Starting this past school year, we also had six conferences in track-and-field,' said Mark Cousins, University Interscholastic League director of athletics. 'I think it was just a move on our superintendent's part to just actually call it what we actually had and just go ahead and call it 6A through 1A. It's a lot easier to understand.'

'We were 4A historically for quite a while and now all of a sudden we jump to 6A,' Ringo said. 'Some people might think you jumped two classifications when in reality it's just one.'

Highland Park has not been in high schools' top division since 1988, which means a match-up with Plano becomes a possibility again. Those two schools played a classic 29-28 playoff game at Texas Stadium back in 1977.

'It might be one of the greatest high school games of all time, right?' Ringo said. 'It was one of the largest crowds at Texas Stadium, and so it's quite a possibility. That's what you need this time around by releasing the enrollment figures so everyone kind of knows if you're going to be 6A, 5A or 4A and so forth.'

The full district realignments won't be released for another two months, so it won't be until February 3 until all the schools will find out what their new schedules will look like.

The cutoff for the 2014 classifications break down this way:

  • 6A - 2,100 and above
  • 5A - 1,060-2,099
  • 4A - 465-1,059
  • 3A - 220-464
  • 2A - 105-219
  • 1A: 104 and below

Normally, the UIL doesn't release the enrollment cutoff numbers until February when district alignments are announced.


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