Jurickson Profar is a really handsome dude, and Prince Fielder is really big. There's a irresistible force meets immovable object, and Ian Kinsler is in the middle joke to be made there, but, I'll leave that joke to people who just make bad jokes instead of making bad jokes about making bad jokes.

A wise baseball man once told that all good trades have to hurt. If that's true, then this trade is a monster, because my heart is full of ouch right now.

Ian Kinsler is simply massively unappreciated for what he is and what he did for this team. Michael Young was a good player for the Rangers, right? Kinsler had three years that were clearly, far and away, better than Michael Young's best season as a Ranger. Kinsler produced more in six years here than Young did in twelve. Kinsler was a defensive and base-running wonder just before defense and baserunning became the vogue factor to consider in valuing a player. He played hard, he played hurt, and he played well. Three big compliments to a baseball player.

Only four players in Rangers history have accumulated more fWAR in a Texas; Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Buddy Bell, and Juan Gonzalez. Kinsler's 7.3 fWAR in 2011 is higher single-season mark than any of those four ever put up.

Given that, I'm not in a celebratory mood tonight. One of my favorite baseball players, who should be one of everyone's favorite players (who inexplicably is not) no longer plays for my baseball team, but instead plays for a team with designs on the same end goal my team has, which is the American League Championship and winning the last game of the year. That makes me sad.

It's not all dark, though. Prince Fielder is a very, very, very good baseball player, and I reserve a few 'verys' for the sake of brevity. He's hit 285 career home runs, and the 25 he hit last year represents a career full-season low. He's going to get on base more than Kinsler, and he's going to hit a lot more home runs than Kinsler. He's also going to provide more of each than Mitch Moreland, but, that seems super-sparkingly obvious, so much so that even mentioning it seems to downgrade the quality of the article (wait... darn).

The third component to this is Mr. Profar. For all the fireworks (literal and figurative) Fielder is going to provide the team over the next five years, Profar is a good a bet to add more. The route for the Rangers to 'win' this trade is for Profar to perform like he's capable of, starting in 2014. It's no guarantee; there are none in baseball.

The cold, biting edge of this is that the Rangers had to trade one of Andrus, Kinsler, or Profar this offseason, and they traded the oldest, most expensive one, who had the least amount of defensive flexibility. It was a tough choice, and I'm glad we have Jon Daniels here to make it. He's the one who's going to have to live with whether it was the right one, which will be judged for years down the road.

I don't doubt you're leaving here with some bad feelings, Kins. I would if I were in your spot too. But there's a significant portion of the fanbase here that will miss you, and will remember you fondly. Until , you know, May 22, when you do what you did here, and grate the other team's fans by doing so many things so well.

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