MESQUITE It sounds peaceful, like a natural babbling brook until you realize it's not a stream. At least, it's not supposed to be.

It's a leak from a broken city pipe. And in the middle of a water crisis, water is being wasted.

'And there's a drought. I don't know what to think about all that,' said Mesquite resident Rick Marburger, shaking his head.

Marburger walks his dog in the woods off Mesquite's Eastglen Blvd. He says about a month ago he noticed the creek getting higher and the ground getting muddier. When he went to inspect, he found a problem.

'It's about knee deep,' he said, standing on what he says used to be dry land. A leak from a pipe flooded the woods he walks near. 'It's like a lake,' he said.

Marburger says he's been a certified master plumber for 26 years. He called the city of Mesquite on Nov. 2, two weeks after noticing the leak. He says they told him to call Dallas County, which told him to call the city of Mesquite.

'Each one kept telling me to call the other,' he said. 'Everybody says it's not their leak, not their problem.'

The city of Mesquite, which has enacted Stage 3 water restrictions, now says it is indeed their line, but that, initially, it was initially hard to know which entity was responsible because lines owned by several different agencies run parallel in that spot.

The city added that drought conditions across the area have caused a higher than normal number of breaks and other leaks were worse, so this one was not high priority.

The city also had to work with a nearby dry cleaner and day care to schedule a time for crews to work, because the repairs will impact those businesses.

Marburger is happy to know repairs are scheduled for Wednesday.


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