FORT WORTH -- Employees of the iconic Barnes & Noble bookstore in downtown Fort Worth are hoping to keep the location open.

Two onlinepetitions have collected more than 200 signatures.

Amanda Valdez, who has used the store as a spot to study and now works there, said she was heartbroken when the company announced plans to shutter the location.

'People from all over come to see this store,' she said.

The closing comes just as the downtown area of Sundance Square is seeing a revitalization. Up to 15,000 people a day are criss-crossing the plaza area, visiting new attractions and restaurants.

Valdez said business has picked up steadily since the the square reopened over the weekend.

'We had lines galore in that store,' she said.

Square management said they tried to keep the bookstore in place by offering financial incentives for it to stay, but that the company ultimately decided to close.

Barnes & Noble sent a statement, which reads, in part:

'The owners of Sundance Square have been fantastic partners throughout the 17 years we have been operating at this location. We look forward to serving our Ft. Worth customers at our Hulen location as well as other locations in the DFW area, as well as online at'


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