ARGYLE The family of a girl who was illegally recorded in a locker room is relieved the woman who orchestrated the recording will be punished.

Wendee Long, a former middle school principal, was found guilty last week on a wiretapping charge in Denton County.

For Julie Sheridan, the verdict was a long time coming.

'The whole thing was just shocking in so many ways,' she told News 8.

In February 2012, Sheridan's teenage daughter and her teammates on Argyle High School's basketball team were recorded in the locker room during an away game at Sanger High School.

An edited recording of the team was anonymously sent to some Argyle Independent School district trustees.

Sheridan and other parents filed police complaints.

An investigation concluded that Long had orchestrated the recording in an attempt to catch the team's coach berating the players. Long's daughter had previously played on the team.

At the time, the case drew a lot of attention.

Sheridan said the entire incident proved to be a huge distraction, and it took an emotional toll on the girls and coaches involved.

'It took up way too much of our times as parents,' she said.

Long's attorney told News 8 that it wouldn't be appropriate to comment until after sentencing on October 10.

Long did take to social media to discuss the case, saying in a lengthy Facebook post that she wouldn't serve any jail time and that she 'fully trusts God is in control.'

It was actually Long's daughter who was accused of putting the cell phone in the locker room, although she was never charged in connection with the case.

Long was found not guilty on an improper photography charge.


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