CLEBURNE -- His four brothers and one sister sang the national anthem before kickoff.

He should've been there, too.

He should've been on the field, catching passes from his brother, the quarterback, and running plays called by his dad, a coach.

This should've been Caleb Midkiff's first year on varsity. But his heart suddenly stopped last November. No one knows why.

He was just 13 years old when he died.

'I have never watched a varsity game without him,' said his sister, Hannah Midkiff. 'At the beginning of the season I felt that, 'ugh,' just knowing I wouldn't see him here.'

During halftime of the Johnson County Sports Association's six-man football game, they retired the jersey Caleb Midkiff should've been wearing.

Caleb's whole family was there -- his mom, dad, four brothers, one sister, and three nieces. They miss him, but they have found peace.

'I think he'd be having a good time here,' Hannah said. 'Our faith, our family, and our friends are getting us through.'

There will never be another No. 5.

Truly, there never could be.


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