IRVING Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett stated the obvious at his news conference on Tuesday: 'We didn't run the ball very well.'

Garrett said his team threw the ball too much in Sunday's game at Kansas City, especially during the no-huddle offense.

'Obviously you want to have more balance not only more balance at the end of the game, but more balance throughout the game,' he said.

That's something Garrett promised during the off-season, but it has yet to materialize during the regular season. The last 19 plays against the Chiefs were passes.

Missing is the running game. In Week One against the Giants, the Cowboys' running backs carried the ball 21 times. On Sunday, that number dropped even lower to just 13.

'We didn't run it enough; to be honest, we kind of got to the pass,' Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray said. 'That's something the coach will have to talk about and discuss.'

How unbalanced is the Dallas offense? Consider this: In the Cowboys' three Super Bowl seasons in the 90s, Troy Aikman topped 40 passes in a game only three times. That's three times in three seasons.

He did that twice in 1993 and only once in 1995, and he never topped 40 passes in his first Super Bowl run during the 1992 season.

Compare that to the first two games this season. Tony Romo has already thrown 91 passes 49 against New York and 42 against Kansas City.

'Once again, it's about the game that we're playing in that day,' Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said. 'I think if we have more possessions, we run the ball more. If we have a lead, in the fourth quarter, we run the ball more, I don't know if there is a magic number. More than anything, we've got to run it a little bit better.'

When asked about adding a fullback, Garrett said that's not the most prominent issue; the key, he says, is execution. He said such an addition was discussed before and after the draft.


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