BATON ROUGE, Louisiana Deputies escorted serial sexual assault suspect Van Dixson to the East Baton Rouge Parish jail at 2:30am Wednesday.

Dixson was wearing the same gold-rimmed glasses we've heard the victims describe. He was also wearing a blue tank top and blue sweat pants.

News 8 askedDixson several questions as deputies escorted him from Louisiana State Police headquarters, but he remained silent.

A week of fear and uncertainty is now over for people who live near Fair Park.

Dixson was apprehended in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 2 p.m. Tuesday following a expanded manhunt. He is in custody on $5 million bond.

U.S. Marshal Kevin Harrison, who directs the agency's Baton Rouge office, said Dixson was not armed when he was spotted in the parking lot of the Alamo Motel on Florida Boulevard.

Harrison said the suspect has no known ties to Baton Rouge. 'He apparently ended up here because it's as far as he could get on the money he had,' the marshal said. 'When there was some indication this guy was a serial rapist, it was a high priority for us.'

Dallas police contacted Harrison's office on Monday evening. They said it was 'possible' Dixson might have been on a bus to Baton Rouge.

On Tuesday, Harrision's marshals and a task force began saturating the Greyhound bus station, where they found people who recognized Dixson's photo.

That led them to the motel.

Harrison said Dixson had rented a room, and it appeared he planned to stay there. 'He was not armed,' the marshal said. 'At the time we apprehended him, his things were in his motel room and he was not armed.'

Because detectives in Baton Rouge knew that Dixson was accused of sexual assault in Dallas, they immediately began looking at local crime reports.

'There's some indication he may have been here for two days, so we've already alerted the state and local guys who would be responsible for that type of crime and see if they had any rapes over the last two days,' Harrison said. 'So far, nothing's been reported.'

Dixsonwill have a court appearance in Louisiana. That has not yet been scheduled.


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