LEWISVILLE -- Authorities in Lewisville arrested a man wanted for the murder of his 62-year-old mother and the alleged abduction of his 6-year-old son, who was found in good condition with the suspect, police said Wednesday morning.

According to Capt. Jay Lewis, a spokesman with the Lewisville Police Department, police received a tip that Robert Leroy Connor III was in Lewisville. The spokesman said officers were able to track Connor and his son Tuesday night to the Marriott Fairfield Inn near Vista Ridge Mall.

Connor III is a suspect in the murder of Declan's custodial guardian in Osage County, Okla. Authorities said the suspect fled the scene with Declan and headed to North Texas. An Amber Alert was issued for the young boy.

Officers tracked his vehicle and determined that he checked into a hotel near Vista Ridge Mall. Lewis said authorities were told Declan was with his father and appeared in good condition.

Guests were evacuated as SWAT surrounded the hotel and attempted to make contact with the suspect.

"We had not been able to make contact," Lewis said after Connor's arrest. "We were trying cellphone contact, room contact."

Lewis said they were eventually able to wake up the suspect through a PA system.

"He immediately came out to the officers and was taken into custody," he said.

Lewis said no one was injured, including Connor's son.

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