A former Ellis County select league baseball coach was sentenced to 15 days in jail Tuesday for hurling at least 12 baseballs at a 15-year-old player at speeds of up to 80 miles an hour.

Ron Edgar Santos, Jr. was sentenced on Tuesday afternoon in Judge A. Gene Calvert, Jr.'s Ellis County courtroom. He'll spend 15 days in jail, pay a $500 fine, and be on community supervision for 18 months.

Santos was arrested in October 2012 for allegedly throwing between 12 and 15 "hard core baseballs" at a player who was struggling to stay in the batter's box, Ellis County Sheriff's Lt. James Saulter told News 8 then. Investigators could see baseball seams on the boy's body, as well as bruising and swelling on his arms, legs and back.

Santos defended the act to investigators as a "training technique." His attorney blamed it on his competition, namely, "vindictive competitive business."

The jury, however, convicted him for assault bodily injury.

"I am thankful for the jury's verdict and the message that it sends for the safety of children in our community," said District Attorney Patrick Wilson in a prepared statement. "This was a difficult case for all concerned.

In addition to his other punishments, Santos must film a video that shows "the dangers of being struck by a pitch and some proper techniques and drills to minimize or avoid injury."

He's also banned from throwing anything at batters or players for one year.

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