SEGUIN -- One Seguin man was stung almost 400 times by Africanized, or "killer" bees while trimming trees this past weekend.

"They were going in his ear, in his nose. It was really, really bad," said Dasha Kuniakova, the man's wife.

Ben Garza was on a lift trimming trees 30 feet off the ground at his property in Seguin when the sound of a chainsaw angered a group of Africanized bees and they attacked. After several minutes Garza was finally able to get the lift to the ground. His neighbor, Scott Owens, had run over after hearing screams.

"It looked like there was a fire because of all the bees in the sky. So, everybody thought it was smoke," said Owens.

After Owens and several other friends got the bees off him, they jabbed him with an EPI pen to stabilize him and then rushed him to the hospital.

"The doctors said he was very lucky because he did not have a severe allergic reaction because if that happened he'd be instantly dead," said Kuniakova.

Garza is now doing fine and is back at work, but because of all the stings he now has to carry an emergency kit with him at all times just in case he's stung again.

"All three neighbors they were present. They definitely saved his life for sure," said Kuniakova.

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