DALLAS -- The sounds of nail guns on their second-story roof is something Marina Hampton has waited almost a year to hear.

"Yes, I have! For sure!" she said, chuckling.

She and her elderly husband, Glenn Gilbert Hampton, originally hired another roofer in June 2012 after a destructive hail storm left their shingles and decking in tatters.

"The roof was smashed to smithereens almost," Hampton added.

But she said that first roofer walked away with almost $18,000 of their insurance money without fixing a single shingle.

"You gotta see the inside," said Ryan Roberts with Guardian Exteriors. "When you see the inside -- I can't even see how they've waited this long."

The last year under a leaking roof has taken its toll on the couple's second-floor ceilings.

"For a while, we couldn't sleep here because the [ceiling sheet rock] kept coming down at night," Hampton said.

Every time it rains, water leaks into their home. Sheet rock has fallen into their bedrooms, forcing the couple to sleep downstairs on the floor.

Now, 11 months later, another contractor, Guardian Exteriors, discovered what happened to their old house in the Swiss Avenue Historic District.

"They definitely pulled at our heart strings a little," Roberts explained. "It was the right thing to do."

He and his employees got the roofing materials donated, and this week, provided free labor and a new roof to the Hamptons at no charge.

"They are angels," Marina said. "They are beautiful people!"

There is an interesting side note about this couple; the Hamptons have a rich history in this city. They are direct descendants of the second family to ever settle in Dallas - Mabel Gilbert's relatives - more than 170 years ago.

The log cabin downtown on Elm Street is similar to the one Dallas founder John Neely Bryan built for the Hampton's ancestors in 1842.

"I feel I put trust back into them, and that's important to me," said Jack Brabham, Jr. with Guardian Exteriors.

In all, the contractor provided $22,000 worth of generous repairs and returned a roof over the elderly couple's heads for the first time in almost a year.


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