FORT WORTH A domestic violence center that opened nearly a year ago is making big strides in Fort Worth.

One Safe Place is a "one stop shop" of sorts for abuse victims, according to the center's executive director Michelle Morgan.

"The idea is to put everything in one place, under one roof," she said.

Victims can file police reports, seek counseling, talk with a chaplain and find out about financial assistance.

Nubia Ramirez recently started using the center's resources. She is all too familiar with the pains of domestic violence; her mother was murdered almost two years ago by her ex-boyfriend. He is serving 50 years for the crime.

"That was my fear, that he would be out and try to find me and my kids and do something to us," Ramirez said.

So far, the center has helped hundreds of women like her.

The Tarrant County District Attorney's office plans to eventually have at least one prosecutor solely dedicated to One Safe Place to help step up prosecutions.

The hope is that will help victims while also downshifting the huge cost that domestic violence-related incidents have on the county.

"It costs Tarrant County taxpayers in excess of $55 million every year," said Jack Strickland, one of the county's top prosecutors.

One Safe Place will be opening a new building toward the end of the year.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. You can contact One Safe Place at 817-916-4323.


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