MCKINNEY The McKinney chiropractor charged with sexually abusing young patients goes on trial Monday. Jury selection is still underway at noon.

Choosing a jury for David Allen Russell's trial has been a difficult task. Two hundred people started on the jury pool. Of those, 102 were dismissed when they said they were familiar with the details of the case.

Russell arrived at the Collin County Courthouse Monday morning facing charges he sexually abused five patients, including four children and one adult.

McKinney Police arrested Russell in October, 2011 after at least 18 complaints were made by former patients, alleging misconduct during treatment.

Initially, Russell was accused of molesting two teenaged girls who were being treated for pulled groin muscles.

Russell, who maintains his innocence, is facing 13 different counts, including indecency with a child with sexual contact, aggravated sexual assault if a child and sexual assault. Attorneys are hoping they can begin opening arguments later in the afternoon.

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