Deion and Pilar Sanders' child custody trial went into its second week Monday, with Mr. Sanders' current girlfriend and a long-time friend and employee testifying.

Deion Sanders' current girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, testified about projects the two have worked on. Edmonds, a TV producer from California, met Mr. Sanders while he was shooting a TV pilot and still together with Pilar.

Edmonds testified their romantic relationship began in 2012. Ms. Sanders' attorney implied the relationship between Mr. Sanders and Edmonds began before the marriage was over. Deion Sanders denied that outside court.

"We started seeing one another way after I filed for divorce, and I don't know how they can bring her into this anyway," he said.

A good portion of her testimony was bogged down as numerous questions from Pilar's attorneys led to one objection after another about relevance.

Later, a long-time friend and employee of Sanders, Billy Jones, testified.

He described violent incidents at the Sanders home. In one of those instances, he claimed that Pilar Sanders was upset because her children and Mr. Sanders were picking on her because she lost Twitter followers.

Jones also described how he witnessed Pilar Sanders verbally abuse Deion, and broke items in the house during an argument.

Mr. Sanders called the family's house manager to the stand, who claimed Pilar was verbally abusive to Deion.

Pilar Sanders also took the stand Monday.

Deion Sanders' attorneys spent a good amount of time asking how should would support herself if given custody of their three children, highlighting that hasn't earned a paycheck in many years, as a writer, actress, or model. She testified that she had a list of options.

Late Monday, Pilar's sister took the stand. She said Pilar was a wonderful mother and that Mr. Sanders had tried to choke her. On cross-examination, Deion's attorney called the sister a "freeloader," because she lived at the Sanders family home.


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