Late last year, Microsoft entered the smartphone race with its WindowsPhone 8Xby HTC.

So, I put my Samsung GS3 away for a full month in order to get a true feel for the Windows operating system. And, you know what? The Windows Phone 8X is not bad at all.

First thing to discuss is the ease of transferring data from the GS3 to this phone. It was just a change of the little sims card. Transfer complete.

The Windows Phone 8X is sleek, light weight and durable. It has been dropped numerous times and held up.

Once boot up after the security code is punched in, the first thing you notice are the live tiles, which are little squares on the screen of the Windows Phone 8X. This feature allows users to personalize the phone according to personal style.So, it's easy to pin apps, websites and other items that are important to the opening screen of the Windows Phone 8X, which means no more long scrolling and checks-in files.

The live tiles can be resized according to importance for the user. It's very easy to resize the tiles and move them around the screen.
The plus size of the tiles is the size of apps in comparison to theiPhone or Android phone apps.

This next feature gets an A. The voice activation system is seemingly better than iPhone's Siri and Galaxy s S-Voice. It works.

The Bluetooth headset is usable with this feature to construct text messages, make a phone call or send a note, and it's all voice activated.

Windows 8X has done a better job of making this work.

Other good features:

-Nice front camera capability to get a wider view of what is behind me.
-Touch the screen and the camera snaps the picture.

Needs improvement:

-Camera quality is not bad, but sometimes the picture is not as sharp as pictures seen on other phones. Often the camera was slow to snap the photo. The company says that'll soon change
-The Windows app store needs more apps. By the numbers, the Windows store has between 80,000 to 90,000 apps. Apple s app store has more than 900,000 apps. Android store has more than 850,000 apps. So, some of the apps users may find important may not be available. It's important to note, developer are working to create apps for Windows so the audience can benefit too.

Buy it or not? It's not a bad choice and it's definitely worth checking out. Buying a smartphone is a personal choice. The ease of use will make this one worth the time.


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