FORT WORTH -- An announcement Wednesday that Motorola will hire 2,000 workers to start making smartphones in Fort Worth is rippling down into neighborhoods in the Alliance corridor.

I guess dollar signs kinda went through my mind, and then I was excited about Motorola bringing in more people and Texas getting jobs, said Alliance resident Rejeani Roberts.

Roberts' neighbor hopes the Motorola deal helps sell her house.

[The house] a couple doors down went [off the market] in like a day or two, said Vanessa Jacobson. So we were thinking it would go pretty quickly, but we're still sitting here. But we're hopeful though.

Residents trying to sell their homes expect more interest and higher prices. Real estate agent Beth Gaskill says the market is already red-hot.

We're selling houses, sometimes within hours, she said, and often over the asking price. She credits development at Alliance.

2012 was clearly one of best years, said Bill Burton, Executive Vice President of Hillwood Properties. He said the developer leased five million square feet last year, and 2013 looks to be just as strong. is building a one million square foot e-commerce center, and is expected to move in, too.

Fort Worth was the fastest-growing large city in the last census, Burton said, and the north Fort Worth corridor - the Alliance corridor - was the fastest-growing section in Fort Worth.

The deal to bring Motorola's smart phone production came together in only about three months, and there were no tax incentives involved.


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