DALLAS In neighborhoods all over Dallas County, something substantial has quietly been happening.

The values are up, and the number of property sales is up, explained Cheryl Jordan of the Dallas Central Appraisal District.

The appraised value of homes in the Dallas CAD area is swelling at a rate not seen in five years. Recently, about 87,000 homeowners got notices that their property values have gone up. That s more increases than last year and the year before combined.

Yet, oddly, the Central Appraisal District reports that fewer people are protesting higher tax bills.

The number of walk-ins is down probably by 25 percent from last year, Jordan said.

She added that no one knows exactly why there are fewer challenges to residential valuations. Historically, many who have done their homework and disputed the numbers have made headway.

Probably 30 to 60 percent see some type of adjustment, Jordan said.

On Wednesday afternoon, we caught up with Douglas Brown as he made his case to appraisers at the Dallas CAD office. He told us his valuation went up 29 percent. Now you see why I am here! he said.

It was time well spent. Brown said he prevailed in getting the appraisal lowered, his second successful appeal in as many years.

He described appraisers as being Reasonable; they are easy to approach. They re not the big bad wolf.

If you're hoping to revise your appraisal, you have until Friday, May 31 to do your homework to back up your appeal and then file by mail, online, or in person.

But be advised that although there have been fewer protests than in recent years, there s usually a last-minute surge in the number of people looking to lower their taxes.

Curious about your property's value? You can search appraisals on the Dallas Central Appraisal District website by:

You can also examine the valuations for other properties in your neighborhood for comparison to your own.


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