D/FW AIRPORT - Friday morning federal agents arrested a passenger on an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles from D/FW International Airport after talk of explosives.

Lori Barber, a fellow passenger, told News 8 the man spoke of explosives before the flight, then again on board. She said about 15 minutes into the flight, the other passenger stood up and charged towards to cockpit. A flight attendant pushed the man into the lavatory.

She also snapped a photo of the unruly passenger on her cell phone.

The man was saying, 'See, there are wires behind the toilet, and I have a lighter, and it's my right to have a lighter on the flight, and if I use this with toenail polish, I can make an explosive,' and it was just very, very scary, Barber said. Clearly, that man should have never, ever been allowed on that flight.

The flight made it safely to Los Angeles, where Barber said police boarded, then escorted him off the plane for questioning.

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