Q: I heard Shelly say she hates to shop, but she always looks so well dressed. Does she have a personal shopper and if so would she share her name,and if not, where does she shop the most? I love her taste in clothing.

A: I do hate to shop, but I do it twice a year as the seasons change. But I shop off-season so I get the deals. No personal shopper... I wish! One of my favorites is Dillard's, and Nordstrom has a lot of dresses for under $100 that I wear.

Q: You seem happy all the time by your demeanor so I'd like to know when was the last time you were really angry (ticked off) at something or someone?

A: Oh, trust me I get angry at things... I m normal, too! I just got a bill from my Internet provider and it is wrong for the third time, and I was really annoyed. I try to be nice to the folks on the phone, but they can t get it right!

Q: I love the foundation makeup, red lipstick, and the reddish blush you wear... could you give me the brands and colors? Please. I am trying to find one but none have been successful. I thank you in advance for your time. Thanks so much! Your smile ALWAYS brightens my day!!! Your happiness is catching! Thanks!

A: I wear Studio Fix Powder, which is almost like a foundation from MAC, love it. It covers everything, truly. I use the cheap stuff on my eyes from the drug stores, and the blush you speak of is MAC. It is called Melba.

Q: We were just watching about your snoring dog. You may know this, but my husband worked for the Animal Hospital of Rowlett for over ten years. He retired last year. There is a legitimate surgery they can do on those dogs for their breathing problems. The vets there are some of the very best. Also, we have a daughter named Shelley. Love your newscasts.

A: They tell me Lady Botox has a good airway, that I don t have to do that surgery YET. So we ll see, she just lost a few pounds to help her lungs not have to work so hard.

Q: How can I contact Brad Watson? I would like him to investigate the scare tactic regarding Homestead Exemptions. There is supposed to be something on the ballot in May to change the age for the exemptions. Seniors rely heavily on the tax exemptions.

A: Sure, e-mail him at

Q: Why can't I get you or Gloria to answer a tweet or Facebook, or you to answer when I ask you a question on this Web site? I'm getting to the point that no-one at Channel 8 cares. I wanted Brad Watson's e-mail. I wanted him to check out an e-mail that is being sent to all my senior friends about what may be on the primary ballot. Of course you probably won't listen to this letter either.

A: Brad is We do our best to respond the large number of e-mails we receive. Sorry you feel like we don t care, because we do.

Q: Shelly, I am a local resident in McKinney and I have had a book published called Summer Interrupted - 1939, which is about my mother, now 86, and her life in England as a evacuee during the war and the Blitz. The book is truly unique. The book has been published in England and has been well received and is selling well in England and North Texas. Who would I contact about a interview on GMT?

A: Try Marc Kravtiz. His e-mail is

Q: Why are Right to Life organizations or individuals who take a pro-life position typically referred to in Mainstream News as anti-abortion? Why is such deference shown to advocates of abortion-on-demand such as Planned Parenthood by the Mainstream News Media? For example, do you think Claire Shipman's report on ABC News of the Komen-Planned Parenthood flap was a fair one?

A: This is such a touchy topic, I don t want to get in the center of it, sorry.

Q: I wrote you a few weeks back about something going on in a field between Rio Vista and Cleburne. Milepost 312, can be seen from the railroad tracks. At that time, there were several dead horses with cows grazing around them. Now, the cows we saw grazing are now dead, and there are more dead horses. Who do we need to contact to take care of this and get this owner to take care of his animals.

A: Have you reached out to animal control, too? I hate hearing this news.

Q: I am hoping you will relay to Dale Hansen that my niece, Tara Combs, is Recreational Manager at the Surprise Stadium in Arizona, where Mr. Hansen is right now. I was hoping he could look her up and meet her while he is there. She was recently interviewed on TV in Surprise about all the activities she has been involved in and planned during this practice season. Sincerely, Kathy Joyce.

A: I passed it along, we ll see, sounds like she is doing great.

Q: Where did Ty Treadway go? Why isn't he on GMT now? Is he still in the Dallas area? I loved watching him on GMT.

A: He is no longer with GMT, and I do believe he is in Dallas pursing other opportunities.

Q: Hi Shelly, I am a longtime viewer and know you get lots of silly questions, however, this might also be of interest to a lot of people in the Dallas area. Where are the Purple Martins this year? These wonderful birds usually return to the Dallas area around mid to late Febuary. So far , I haven't seen a one!

A: Pete says he thinks its because it's been so warm up north, they haven't migrated fully yet. Soon!

Q: I saw your clip on Pinterest re 200 date ideas on Friday 3/9. What is Pinterest and how do I find out more about the 200 date ideas?

A: You have to follow on Pinterest in order to see my posts. Here's the link:

If you are not already online, then you can go to the home page to get an invitation to join!

Q: I see the national media & entertainment as liberal with the exception of Fox News. Is there an agenda? Do you agree?

A: I can only speak to local news because it is what I know. And there is no agenda. We work really hard to make sure things are balanced. If one party gets 30 seconds of air time today, we make sure the same happens for the others that day or that week. Local media is not out to get anybody!

Q: Hey Shelly I have a great song called; I Need Some Gas; I want to send it to you and see what you think, I value your opinion...

A: Send it along,

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