FRISCO Some people really know how to tip.

Just ask Sam Follett, a waiter at the Original Pancake House in Frisco, where he's a man in motion, dedicated to service.

Just ask his manager, Rowland Steele. I get numerous compliments every day, he said.

I really do like to smile at the guests, Follett said.

But he's been ashamed to smile and show his teeth, saying the way they look makes it hard to move up at work, but he never had the $3,500 needed to fix them.

The teeth were rotting, damaged in a skateboard accident when he was 11. That is, until his commitment to service got the attention of the right customer: Shane Edwards.

He was really a great server, Edwards said. But what I did notice is that he didn't like to smile. Little did he know that a cosmetic dentist was sitting at the table for breakfast.

Dr. Edwards offered to fix Follett's teeth for free.

Now Follett can't stop smiling. Changed my life, he said.

And as far as tips go?

That's gotta be the best so far, for sure, Steele said.

Since Follett got the new teeth, he's taken on more responsibility at work. Seems he's moving up the ranks, with a grin.


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