FORT WORTH - TCU administrators spent the last few days meeting with students and hearing from parents as it works to understand what kind of drug problems it has on its campus.

Kathryn Cavins-Tull, the vice chancellor for student affairs, tells News 8 she met with student leaders and social groups this week trying to get a better feel for what students know.

But Cavins-Tull, who has worked for the university since last July, said it's too early to fully understand the extent of the problem.

I don't think we're naive, we're not saying there isn't a problem here or a problem at every other college campus, for that matter, she said.

Her predecessor, Don Mills, told TCU's student newspaper this week that the problem has gotten worse.

There has been a noticeable increase in the use of drugs over the last three or four years, including prescription drugs as well as street drugs. Mills told TCU 360.

The vice chancellor for student affairs oversees all student activities. It also handles behavioral problems on campus.

Cavins-Tull said the students who have been arrested have all received notices that they can not trespass on campus.

Each will have a hearing over the next few weeks to determine if their suspension will be revoked.


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