How would you like to be rid of all bank fees? Laura Thornquist shares today's Insider Savings tips that can help you save some money.

Did you know just 45 percent of non-interest checking accounts are now free?

It sounds too good to be true, but First Community Bank in Dallas has started a free for all by cutting all fees on checking and savings accounts. This could save you up to $150 per year and there is no minimum balance or deposit.

So, if you want to save some bread or just make some toast, visit my website because 10 people who tell us that they could use more bread will get a free toaster thanks to Community Bank in Dallas.

A little side savings note, if you do still write checks, check out several online printers before buying. It's always cheaper to order four boxes versus just one at a time, and there are big price differences from several different sites.

And ready get your groove on for half off? If you want to see Bring it On: The Musical at Fair Park, I have a deal for half off your tickets.

Now through February 26 you can get 50 percent off tickets Tuesday through Thursday and on Sunday night in price levels four and five. Use the code POMPOM when you order your tickets.

The explosive new musical comedy is about the world of competitive cheerleading, you should jump at this opportunity!

How about a free scarf? Just sign up at, an online shopping marketplace, and you get one free as a thank you for being a member.

Finally, spend your birthday at Benihana this year. If you sign up for Benihana's free chef's table program, you get a $30 dining certificate to use in your birthday month.

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