DALLAS - An Oak Cliff meatpacking company is under investigation.

Federal investigators think they're responsible for blood and toxic chemicals seeping into the Trinity River.

The Environmental Protections Agency and the Dallas County Constables raided the Columbia Packing Company Thursday. While there have been no charges filed yet, the company could face charges ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony for the alleged environmental violations.

Just yards behind Columbia's slaughter house is Cedar Creek, which leads right into the Trinity River at the site of the city's new whitewater kayaking area.

Criminal investigators confirmed that pig blood and other toxic chemicals were found in a sewer pipe leading from the plant to Cedar Creek.

The raid was a result of a tip that came from a man taking aerial photographs when he spotted something he described as red and flowing down Cedar Creek and into the Trinity River.

Columbia has been in business for 99 years and has been in operation at its Oak Cliff location for at least the last 50 years. They pack and ship ham, bacon and brisket.

A lawyer for the business would only confirm that investigators were at the scene Thursday, but gave no further comment.


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