From free gas cards to free coffee, Laura Thornquist is back with her Insider Savings tips.

Let's begin with a freebie for those of you who like to eat cereal

That's right, if you eat a lot of cereal - our family goes through tons - you could earn up to $50 in gas cards.

Here's how it works, from now until April 30, pick up 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal, submit an order form with 10 different UPC codes from the cereal boxes and get a free$10 MasterCard gas card.

You can submit up to five order forms in total, earning you $50 in free gas. From Rice Krispies to Corn Flakes, check out the list to find your favorite cereal. You can also find all the information, including the link to the official order form, on my website.

It's hard enough to get your kids to eat breakfast, but doing their chores is almost impossible, until now. We found this great new app that may actually motivate your kids to do their chores. It's called You Rule and it was created by two Dallas dads.

The chore management app gives parents control over family productivity and turns work around the house into a game.

Here's the deal, get the You Rule app for half off the regular price of $3.99, making it under $2. you can't beat that.

And we all love Starbucks, but it can be expensive. So, starting today, Starbucks wants you to be their official taste tester.

You can enjoy some free coffee, vote on some of your favorites and pick up something special as a thank you from Starbucks.

This promotion starts today and ends on Saturday. Call ahead to your favorite Starbucks to make sure they are participating.

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