FORT WORTH For more than a year now, Carl Bell, the owner of the Fort Worth Cats, has been dealing with financial issues with the team's stadium, LaGrave Field.

It appeared at one point something had been worked out, but now it looks like that is not the case.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the bank that owns the stadium and the land surrounding it has put it up for auction on January 3.

The Fort Worth Cats are currently involved in negotiations with serious parties regarding the transfer of ownership and the future of the baseball team, Bell wrote in a message on the team's web site. We are also working, as we have been for the past four years, towards ensuring the long-term preservation of Historic LaGrave Field, where the Cats first played baseball in 1926.

It's the second time this year the 13-acre site has been posted for foreclosure.

The bank listed it back in March, claiming the owner of the Fort Worth Cats defaulted on $30 million in loans, but that was just the beginning of the team's problems.

In October, the American Association kicked the Cats out of league because the team was unable to prove it had the financial resources to operate next year.

So the team is no longer affiliated with a league, and it could now lose the ballpark where it has played since 2002.

Bell took issue with the American Association in his message on the team's Web site.

We were disappointed to learn of the American Association s misleading presentation of our confidential agreement with the league, Bell wrote. The Fort Worth Cats led the effort to start the American Association, and were a founding member of the league six years ago. The 2011 season concluded our second three-year affiliation agreement with the league. As we explored all of the options for the future of LaGrave Field and the Fort Worth Cats, it was our decision to hold off on committing to another three-year agreement at this time, and to make sure we chose the best option for the future.

News 8 was not able to contact Bell or the team's general manager on Tuesday night.


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