DALLAS After a late night of Black Friday shopping, Amesha Malone remembers waking up to find her sister in a panic at the sound of her ex-boyfriend outside the front door.

I told her, 'Don't go outside, because I know what he s capable of,' Malone recalled telling her sister, Autumn Carey, early Friday morning.

All of a sudden, that's when he kicked the door in, Malone said. Everything happened so fast.

Police say the ex-boyfriend, Almonzo Henderson, 26, was furious at Carey for breaking up with him. Police said he burst into the DeSoto house in the 1000 block of Oak Meadow Lane in DeSoto and opened fire.

He shot my daddy in the back, and then he went to the back room, Malone told News 8 in her first interview since the shootings. Then we just heard him say, 'Oh, she's back here,' then two gunshots went off.

Within moments, detectives say, Henderson had murdered three people: His ex-girlfriend, Carey, 25; her father, Gerald Malone, 48; and family friend Adrian Jessie, 22.

Jessie is getting credit for keeping the death toll from going even higher.

Amesha Malone, Jessie's girlfriend of seven years, said the 22-year-old tackled the gunman, giving her and the rest of the family time to escape. Several children were inside the home at the time.

They actually wrestled over the gun, Malone said. He [Jessie] threw him on top of the counter. Adrian was trying to get the gun, but Almonzo managed to get it around then he shot him.

Henderson then shot himself in the head, but survived. He remains in the hospital in serious condition.

News 8 has learned the Oklahoma man was charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation in 2009. The case was later dismissed.

Carey's family said the young mother often said she feared Henderson.

She was never going to have peace on this Earth as long as he was around, Malone said.

Meanwhile, Adrian Jessie's family is finding some comfort knowing that his final actions involved trying to save others.

The first thing he thought about was the children, said Jessie's grandmother, Frankie Cooks. I feel he was a hero.

Jessie's mother, Vickie Hicks, said he considered his girlfriend s family his own.

It makes me proud, Hicks said. He was the type of person that would stand up to protect them.

Jessie, who was a rising rap artist, was also known as Scoobie, and was part of a group called Paper Chaserz. His group s music video along with one of his last postings on Facebook now gives his family some comfort.

On his Facebook page he wrote: 'If only I could talk to God in person, his mother said. I knew he had his peace with God.


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