DALLAS -- Occupy Dallas demonstrators ate cleaning up their encampment today, saying they are newly committed to obey the law in order to stay put in the property behind Dallas City Hall.

Attorneys for the organization and the city met behind closed doors Wednesday morning.

Occupy Dallas attorney Jonathan Winocour said the city reiterated its stand, saying there can be no drugs, drinking or smoking of marijuana at the encampment. If there is, demonstrators will be sent packing.

Winocour said the future of Occupy Dallas is now in the hands of demonstrators. He says if they can focus their efforts on their message against corporate greed and corruption and economic inequality, then Occupy Dallas has legs.

The city has agreed to allow the demonstrators to stay in place until December 14 provided they meet all 9-conditions of the agreement both sides signed off on last month.

I think that we ve been focusing on internal issues for way too long and we need to get out there and spread our issue which is relevant, frankly the reason why we are out here, said Reagan Clark, Occupy Dallas protester.

Demonstrator Jose Hernandez is one of about 15 Occupy Dallas demonstrators who appeared before Dallas City Council today. Hernandez spoke out against the way the city handles the homeless. He said Occupy Dallas has to refuse the homeless a place to sleep and food to eat for safety reasons, but the city should be doing more for those in need. The issue was not on the agenda.

Winocour said, if Occupy Dallas tows the line, they stand a good chance of being able to stay in place until December 14, but he said he is quite sure the city will not extend the offer beyond that date.


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