TRAVISCOUNTY --- Firefighters are still battling flare ups in a wildfire along Hamilton Pool Road in Southwest Travis County. It is now 75 percent contained.

The fire sparked Tuesday night and burned through the movie set used in the 2003 filming of the Disney movie 'The Alamo.'

The wildfire burned through part of Reimer s Ranch Park where the set still stands. The Texas Forest Service says it torched at least eight buildings on the set. Parts of the burned areas are still smoldering.

The fire also torched through the grassy valley around the set. Firefighters bulldozed a trench to create a fire barrier. The Forest Service estimates 200 acres have been burned.

There will be updated mapping through the day; they'll GPS the fire and we'll get an accurate size of the fire, said Michelle Smith of the U.S. Forest Service.

Although the movie set burned, no nearby homes were affected. No evacuations were ordered but firefighters did close down part of Reimer's Ranch Park Tuesday night. A few people at the park at the time were escorted out. The park remains closed on Wednesday. Firefighters say they will re-assess the fire Wednesday evening to determine if the park can reopen on Thursday. Firefighters say they expect to continue making progress.

The weather is supposed to be favorable through Friday so that crews can continue to make good progress through the next few days with this fire, said Smith.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Fire Marshal visited the site Wednesday morning to begin searching for the source of the flames. A spokesperson with the Forest Service says it is possible lightning from Tuesday s storm is to blame.

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