DALLAS - A deeply discounted line for Target stores is sending shoppers across the country and in North Texas into a frenzy.

Monday morning, Target stores began selling a special line from Missoni, an Italian design house famous for unique knitwear and big-ticket price tags.

Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue feature items ranging from a $2,600 dress to a scarf that costs more than $200.

At Target, however, prices start below the $10 line.

It was like black Tuesday, said George Cincotta, manager of Target at Coit in Richardson. In under two hours, we sold out of women's, men's, stationary, home decor. It was all out.

By Wednesday morning, his story had only a handful of items left, including a few girls sweaters, a few pairs of shoes and bike valued at $399. It had been returned Wednesday morning.

I just took whatever sizes they have because they're adorable, said Rivka Goldschmidt, of the shoes she purchased. And that's all they had.

For Goldschmidt and many other shoppers, this designer bargainwear is an investment.

Target's website crashed several times Tuesday. By Wednesday, most merchandise was sold-out.

On Ebay, pages and pages of women's Missoni for Target clothes are now fetching double and triple the retail price.

So much so that many are Target hopping, hoping to find the most sought-after merchandise.

I got some stuff but I wanted more stuff, said Tina Delap. So I came out to Weatherford.

The Missoni designer event was supposed to last until October 22. Stores will likely be restocked. But not even store managers know when or if they well receive more merchandise, or when.


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