Q: I am having trouble getting Channel 8 on my TV at the office in the last month. I do not have cable but have always been able to get your station but recently have not been able to get a signal. My office is in Lewisville and today I bought a new HDTV along with a digital antenna but still cannot get your station. The salesperson at Best Buy told me that people are having trouble get your signal.

A: Delores, sometimes the best antenna for WFAA reception is a powered rabbit ear antenna. We asked our director of technology, David Johnson, torespond. He wrote, Extend the antenna fully and spread the ears out flat while keeping the antenna high in the room. We would be happy to educate the salesperson you mentioned. Digital technology has been known to be finicky, however with the proper equipment over-the-air reception is generally good.

Feel free to contact us again if you still have questions. (Editor s Note: We heard from Delores again after David Johnson sent her an email with suggestions on reception. She said, Wow, thank you very much. The old, cheap rabbit ear antenna works great. So much for the high-end digital antenna.

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