It is highly unlikely you will ever see a Dallas Mavericks player walk under a ladder or open an umbrella inside.

This is a superstitious basketball team.

Jason Terry appears to be the most superstitious of the bunch. Because of that, we most likely know what pajamas he wore last night. The Mavs guard said before games he puts on the opposing team's shorts before getting into bed.

Also, before the season started, Terry got a tattoo of the NBA Championship trophy engraved on his inner arm as inspiration. So far, it's working. But if the Mavs come up short, he said he would have it removed.

There is also the superstition over the national anthem. According to owner Mark Cuban, it is one thing to get invited to sing, but another to get invited back a second time.

There's really only one key to [being invited back], and that is: Did our team win when you sang? Cuban explained.

Cuban said there are several lucky favorites who frequently get asked back.

News 8 called the Mavs Tuesday to see who is singing at Games 3 and 4 scheduled for Dallas, but so far, no word.

As for jinxes, how about NOT planning a victory parade until you have actually won the series?

That is what happened in Dallas in 2006, when it apeared that the Mavs would win it all.

After the Mavs went up two games to none, Dallas city officials announced the parade route. They said, for safety's sake, it was necessary to prepare. But it was seen as a sign of over-confidence -- especially after the team lost to Miami.

City leaders were asked about any parade preparations for 2011. Spokesman Frank Librio wrote: We are not going to talk about this at this point in the series.


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