FORT WORTH, TX - Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage knows all about big crowds. After all, Texas Motor Speedway is on record as having the fifth largest crowd for a sporting event in the world, topping 212,000.

Gossage says despite all the issues, the Super Bowl will be back. Any other super bowl, I would say there is no chance of the game coming back, Gossage says. The wild card in this hand is Jerry Jones. I have a ton of respect for him and what he can pull off. The stadium is spectacular. It is the finest football stadium in the world.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL has no excuses for hundreds of fans not getting seats at the Super Bowl. Goodell says the league will give tickets for next year's Super Bowl to the 400 fans left without a place to sit Sunday, but some fans are still steamed over the snafu at Cowboys Stadium.

The Commissioner can say that all day long but it's a tough blow to the Cowboys and Jerry and their reputation and their image, Gossage says. I don't know if that's fair. It's like when we rent the track out to a promoter and if doesn't come off well, the fan who bought a ticket, they don't think about the promoter, they think about us.It's an unfortunate thing, but it comes with the territory.

Gossage says stretching the limits of the stadium is where the NFL and Jerry Jones ran into trouble. I can tell you from having Indy Car races here which draw 95,000 people and have other events that draw over 100,000, Gossage says. 95,000 is a piece of cake but there is some number where it becomes almost impossible. It's almost impossible to pull of those big events. I think they saw that yesterday. If they hadn't put in a few of those extra seats, they wouldn't have had some of the issues they had. I hate it for them.

Goodell also says the league will give tickets for next year'sSuper Bowl to the 400 fans left without a place to sit Sunday. The league already had said it would offer those 400 people refunds oftriple the face value of their Steelers-Packers tickets.

It's like anything, when you push the limit, that's when you start getting into trouble, Gossage says. Everybody wants to go to the SuperBowl. You can't have enough seats for it. They were doing it for all the right reasons I think. Now that whole thing about the outside...! Gossage pauses and just shakes his head.
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