ARLINGTON, TX - This week couldn't be more special for Packers safety Charlie Peprah. He was born in Fort Worth, raised in Plano, was a star at Plano East and now gets to play in the Super Bowl in North Texas.

It's definitely a dream come true, Peprah says. It's a blessing to be able to play the Super Bowl in front of your friends and family. Words can't really describe it.

It wasn't that long ago that Peprah played his last college game in North Texas. It was the Cotton Bowl when Alabama played here in January 2006.

It's always good to come home and get some home cooking', Peprah said at the time.

By now, Packers fans know the story of Charlie Peprah. It goes back to Ghana where his grandfather was the head of state.

The country is located inWestern Africa, about 6,000 miles or a 12 hour flight from where he grew up in Plano.

His mother Elizabeth fled the country when her father, I K Acheampong was removed from office and then executed in 1979.

It was more of a mutiny than anything else, his mother says.

What happen in Ghana had a lasting impact on Peprah's life.

I take a lot of pride in my heritage, Peprah says. I think it's really shaped the person I am today. It's helped me obtain some of the goals that I ve been able to obtain. You learn when you come from the background that I came from, you learn that some the problems you go through area really not that big.

Peprah says if his grandfather were alive today, he'd be proud and be at the game.

He'd be happy. He'd be here too. He'd be just proud of my mom raising such a great kid, he says laughing. Everybody would just be proud.

Peprah's father will fly in from Ghana to see the game, living proof that his life is having an impact on more than one continent.
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