DALLAS A group of about 200 Greyhound passengers is waiting at the downtown Dallas terminal, stuck in limbo.

They can't get where they're going, and can't get back to where they started.

Isn't it awful? asked passenger Sindie Stewart, one of the travelers waiting for a bus that might not depart for days.

Stewart and her little girl arrived from Kansas Tuesday morning. They are trying to get to Jackson, Mississippi.

They could be waiting all week.

Everything is canceled until at least Thursday or Saturday, said Leondre Daniels.

With nowhere to go, Michael Puhr has been on standby at the bus station since three o'clock Monday.

Last night they were just letting people crash out in the terminal, he said. It's like a homeless shelter, dude.

On Tuesday, Greyhound told passengers they could no longer sleep on the floors of the terminal. They offered parked sleeper buses as an alternative.

They are like our hotels, I guess, Puhr said.

Frustrated passengers confronted bus company employees who told them the problem was not Greyhound it's mother nature.

A Greyhound spokesman told News 8 that passengers are being given food vouchers as the company waits out a storm that has slammed one-third of the U.S.


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